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Café Service:

The Coffee Empire takes pride in a one-of-a-kind café service that combines the Third Wave coffee movement and the best in coffee-making technology. Our customers have the option to be seated in the coffee bar or in the dining area. The coffee bar lets our customers enjoy the craftsmanship of our baristas as they make coffee with the sights and sounds of the Synesso espresso machine.

They can also see how their steaming cup is topped with beautiful latte art, or learn about different brewing methods for single-origin coffees of the world. The spacious dining area ensures a comfortable dining experience, a good view of the coffee bean roasting area, and our temperature-controlled facility room called The Green Room, where we store our beans to keep them fresh and of top quality.



We do respect our customer needs and wants in holding special occasions. Our function room, which is furnished with audio-visual equipment, can accommodate meetings, office events, and small gatherings. The inviting unique-styled decor of the room creates an atmosphere that is warm and comfortable.

Even when your meeting or event has adjourned for the day, your memories will continue to grow luxuriantly, as the idyllic environment emanates the aroma of coffee and a feel-good factor.

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Last modification: Tue 27 Jun 2017

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