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We are Coffee Empire and great coffee is our philosophy.

Passion, wisdom, knowledge, desire, and creativity brought together the individuals responsible for the evolution of the concept that is The Coffee Empire. The Empire, as it is fondly called, is the first Third Wave café to open along the stretch of West Avenue in Quezon City, offering a mix of as much as 20 varieties of coffee beans. These are all roasted to perfection and brewed in all methods possible, and paired with food prepared in a contemporary style that merges a varied selection of cuisines.


The empire was formed by some of the country's coffee and food experts with vast experience in food service, beverage service (includes recipe development, brewing methods, extraction methods etc.), technical services, training, consulting services, information technologies and marketing. With diversity in skill – sets, all of which when combined will be able to provide the most comprehensive operations not yet experienced in the Philippines.

The team has streamlined the division of responsibilities which will only result in fluidity in operations and business growth over time.

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Last modification: Tue 27 Jun 2017

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